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How To Recover Deleted Photos from Flash Media Devices

How To Recover Deleted Photos from Flash Media Devices.

by LC Technology International

Accidentally deleting photos or other files from your media device is unfortunately something that can happen to anyone. From the amateur photographer to the high-end professional, files can vanish.

Knowing how to recover deleted photos from flash media devices can make your life much, much easier.

photo recovery software

Don’t let this happen to you!


PHOTORECOVERY® photo recovery software will recover those deleted photos for you.

PHOTORECOVERY® is a safe and affordable do-it-yourself data recovery solution that is designed to recover lost files from all types of digital media such as SD/XD cards, CompactFlash (CF Cards), Memory Sticks, MMC, optical drives, flash media drives, and multi-media or mobile devices, and most other forms of digital media.

PHOTORECOVERY® is available for the Windows operating system, and also for the 苹果系统.

For PHOTORECOVERY® for Windows click the red button in the top right. For PHOTORECOVERY® for Mac, click the blue button in the top right.

PHOTORECOVERY® recovers files whether they have been deleted from the camera, from a card reader, deleted by an application, or even if your media has been formatted. (Please note that some cameras and applications wipe the images during delete/format and cannot be recovered).
Before getting started, please note that your success in recovering files depends a great deal on how the media is handled and the amount of information written to the media after the deletion occurred.


  • You should not continue to use the media with the deleted files.
  • Do not try to write data back to the media before or during a recovery.
  • Do not reformat the media or try to run any repair tools on the media.
  • Never install software to a media containing deleted files you wish to recover.
  • The more activity on the device, the less of a chance of recovery.
  • DO NOT execute any type of security removal tools on a flash drive media containing deleted data. Doing so will likely remove all remnants of the data you are trying to recover.


Recover deleted photos from flash media devices with PHOTORECOVERY® by following these 5 easy steps.
The easy-to-use interface will guide you through the process of recovering your deleted photos, or other data.


Start Here: Run PHOTORECOVERY® and click Next to continue.


photo recovery software


Step 1: Choose the type of file you want to recover and the manufacturer of the device used to make the files.
photo recovery software


Step 2: Select the device you would like to recover the data from. If you cannot see the drive letter, choose the disk instead.
photo recovery software


Step 3: Review your options prior to running the scan. This will ensure that you are selecting the correct settings to recover your data. If it is not correct, click the ‘backbutton to go back and change the options. Click the ‘Changeicon to select a different destination folder for the recovered data to be saved to. Click Next to begin the scan.


photo recovery software


Step 4: The scan will begin and show thumbnails scrolling across the top of the preview window. You can click a thumbnail to preview the image. The file information will be displayed to the right of the selected preview. You can also Stop, Pause, and Resume the scan by clicking the controls at the bottom right. When the scan is completed, click Next.


photo recovery software


Step 5: Files are automatically saved to the previously selected file destination folder. You will be able to see the progress of the save and if necessary, you can cancel the save and continue.
photo recovery software


Step 6: Your recovery is complete! At this point, you can open the destination folder to view the recovered files. You can also choose to burn the recovered files to CD/DVD using the built-in burning software. 请注意: In some PC systems, you will need to install an operating system update for the CD/DVD burning option to work. The system will prompt you in the case it is needed.

If you have not found the files you were looking for, you can also restart the recovery process and choose a different type of scan to recover your files. Be diligent!

If you are ready to exit the program, simply click the Finish button and the program will close.

photo recovery software


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