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GLOWAY Data Recovery

GLOWAY Data Recovery Services by LC Technology

Welcome GLOWAY Customers!

Through a special agreement with GLOWAY, LC Technology is authorized and recommended to perform data recovery on GLOWAY data storage devices.

LC Technology is a global leader in data recovery and data recovery software. We recover data from all types of digital storage devices including hard drives, RAID’s, Flash drives, SD and microSD cards, and operating systems.
LC科技是数据恢复服务和软件的全球领导者我们从各种类型的数据存储设备中进行数据恢复包括固态硬盘SSD, U盘随身碟,tarjeta SD,Tarjeta CF,tarjeta MicroSD,任何闪存设备硬盘,RAID,以及操作系统等

GLOWAY Data Recovery by LC Technology provides you with a safe and reliable means of having your data safely recovered. Having served the data recovery industry for over 20 years, our staff of recovery technicians are experts in data recovery and they are truly the top of their field.

We recover data when others cannot!
当其他数据恢复公司恢复不了时,Se puede!

What Steps Do I Need To Take If I Need Recovery?

Please complete the form below. After we have received your information, an LC Technology representative will contact you for your next steps, along with an estimate of the cost of data recovery for your GLOWAY device.
Rellene el siguiente formulario。在我们收到您的信息后LC科技的代表会尽快与您取得联系并帮助您进入后面的步骤并且让您了解您的设备进行数据恢复所需的大概费用


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