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通知 —
Termination of Data Recovery Software Coupon for Toshiba EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA series Memory Cards

May 30, 2019
To: Valued Customers,

This notice is to inform you that on or after the following expiration date, our Data Recovery Software for Toshiba Memory Card EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA will no longer be available as a free coupon offering.
Data Recovery Software was a recovery product we developed for Toshiba and their EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA memory cards.
After the Expiration Date, the free coupon offering for the download and activation of the Data Recovery Software will no longer be available.
So, please download and activate the Data Recovery Software by the expiration date.

Discontinued Product: LC Technology Data Recovery Software
Discontinued Service: 下載, activation, and technical support for LC Technology Data Recovery Software
Expiration Date: September 30th, 2020

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Customer Service below.
lc 技術國際, 公司.
電話: +1-727-449-0891

我哋嘅數據恢復軟件, 照片恢復® 無論此通知如何, 都可用.

photorecovery®適用於 windows, 此處提供照片恢復®適用於 mac, 可在此處獲取.

我們感謝您的業務, 並期待繼續為你嘅數據恢復軟件同需求提供服務.

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lc 技術國際, 公司.


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